The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (2023)

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#1Premium Selection –Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Motocross-Stiefel – 600 US dollars
#2 Gaerne SG12 Motocross-Stiefel – 500 $
#3 Fox Racing Comp R Motocross-Stiefel – 260 $
#4Budget option –O'Neal Racing Rider Motocross-Stiefel - 100 US Dollars
#5Option for women –O'Neal Racing Rider Motocross-Stiefel - 100 US Dollars

There's no point in buying a pair of motocross boots if they don't fit your calves right!

The problem with MX boots is that they come in all shapes and sizes, and there's nothing worse than having boots that are too tight around the calves. This leads to a restricted blood supply and severe pain.

So I've compiled a list of boots I know of that fit wide calves and can be adjusted to fit any leg shape.

#1Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS Motocross-Stiefel – 600 $

The Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS are the flagship motocross boots in the SIDI range and feature a unique calf adjustment system to accommodate even the widest calf.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (1)

These boots have a unique adjustment system that allows you to adjust the back and front of the upper half of the boot to fit your calf size. To do this, simply unscrewing 6 screws that loosen the adjustment system. Very cool!

Other than that, these boots also have adjustable shin guards to make even more adjustments for your calves.

The SIDI SRS 3 also has a nice hinge design with a built-in "hard stop" that prevents you from over-pulling your ankle forward and gives you excellent ankle support.

SRS stands for Sole Replacement System. This means that you can change the soles at home by unscrewing them from the bottom of the boot.

There are also decent contact points to give you better grip on your bike. Earlier models had poor contact points and I found it difficult to hold my bike with SIDI. But these have much better grip overall.

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The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (2)Please note that these boots are covered in plastic armor andthey are super stiff and there is not a lot of flex in them. If you like very rigid boots they are perfect for you, otherwise I would opt for another brand.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (3)Sidi wears half sizes and I found that her sizes tended to run a bit smaller. I'm a size 9 and it was a little small on me, so I went down to a size 9.5 and it fit just fine.Therefore, I recommend going a half size up from your standard shoe size to get the proper fit.

SIDI are made in Italy and are top quality motocross boots, definitely on par with Gaerne.

#2 Gaerne SG12 Motocross-Stiefel – 500 $

The Gaerne SG12 is a premium boot that features an adjustable shin guard for riders with large calves.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (4)

If you're looking for a premium set of motocross boots that are the best quality in the world and designed to accommodate large calves and a wider foot, the Gaerne SG12 is for you.

The SG12 comfortably accommodates larger feet and calves without pinching or putting pressure on the feet or legs.

The adjustable shin guard can be adjusted to the size of your calves with 3 screws that hold the shin guard in place. The shin guard can be repositioned to further widen or retract the leg area as needed.

The other great feature of the SG12 motocross boots is that they have a pivot system in the ankle area that can float in all directions.

This gives you excellent forward ankle flexibility without the boots flexing while in the attack position.

Gaerne boots are handmade in Italy and are of the highest quality of all boots and you won't have a problem if something falls apart.

Gaerne boots tend to be very stiff right out of the box, so don't panic if you put them on and find them too stiff for you. They need to be ground in for a couple weeks of solid driving. After that you will feel how comfortable they really are!

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The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (5)i made oneCheck out the Gaerne SG12 motocross boots hereif you want to learn more.

#3 Fox Racing Comp R Motocross-Stiefel – 260 $

The Fox Racing Comp R is a comfortable mid-level motocross boot with a unique, highly adjustable shin strap for riders with a wide calf.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (6)

What is unique about the Fox Comp R motocross boot is that it has a unique silicone shin plate strap that replaces a top buckle.

At first I was skeptical about this strap as it looks a bit flimsy and I was afraid it would break.

But it didn't, and after doing some digging at Fox HQ, I found out that they tested it for hundreds of hours to make sure it wouldn't break.

The best thing about this harness is that it is adjustable, so you can adjust it wider for a large calf. Pretty!

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (7)

What I also noticed about the Fox Racing Comp R is that it has a wider toe box and heel, making this boot suitable for riders with wider feet.

What also caught my attention about these boots was thatThe inside of the boots is flattened and covered with a heat resistant rubber material (Duratac) to give you better grip and feel on the bike. which seems like a great idea to me.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (8)

When I tried these boots on, the heel didn't float either! (This is where the heel lifts off the sole when you lean forward in the boots.) Another bonus.

(Video) 👌Top 5 best motorcycle shoes for wide feet 2022 - Popular & Exclusive Products!

Overall I think these motocross boots are excellent value for money and work well if you have a wide calf.

Economy Choice #4: O'Neal Racing Rider Motocross Boots: $100

O'Neal Rider motocross boots have a wider boot opening than most, accommodating riders with wider calves.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (9)The toe box and heel area were also quite wide, making these boots also suitable for riders with a wider foot.

What impressed me about this motocross boot is that it includes some features that are normally only found in mid-range and premium boots.

First, the sole is stitched like the Gaerne SG12, which is the best quality you could ask for. No glued soles here!

The other feature that I liked is that they have a steel toe cap. The steel toe prevents the sole from detaching from the boot due to constant impacts.

That said, there are tons of protective linings around the boot, it's comfortable (although it's pretty stiff to begin with), and I think the O'Neal Rider is an incredible value for riders with big calves for only about $100 has.

Women's Wide Calf Motocross Boots - $100

The O'Neal Racing Rider motocross boots are also available for women and would be ideal for women with wider calves. (see rating above)

These boots get a lot of 5-star reviews from women online and always seem to outperform the most expensive women's boots out there.

The best wide motocross boots for boys and girls in 2019. (10)


Do you have wide calves? Tell me what your favorite MX boots are and if you have any of the above. If you liked this article, share it on social networks.

Happy riding!

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