2020 Toyota Corolla Problems and Top Complaints: Is Your Car a Lemon? (2023)

Categoryunknown or whateverDataFebruary 05, 2023ConditionÖDescription

The latch around the passenger tire was loose when I bought the car and Findley Toyota wouldn't fix it and every time I got in it said the passenger tire was rattling. They knew there was a problem and they wouldn't fix it, so they told me this would text="Who are we? We are Lemberg Law, a consumer law firm" smalltext="Lviv Law is a consumer law firm , which helps victims of poor manufacturing and car company returns We are rated A+ by the BBB Call our helpline today!There is no fee unless we win." img="balance" cor="green",500

CategoryFuel/propulsion system, service brakesData20 January 2023ConditionGADescription

When driving our 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid at low speed in a parking lot, we start to apply the brakes as we pull into a parking space. When the brakes were applied, the vehicle suddenly moved forward with abrupt force. Both tires left acceleration marks on the painted concrete curb and the vehicle crashed into a large concrete pillar with such force that the pillar was partially torn from the ground. The vehicle was taken to a Toyota dealership and sales management was informed of the incident. We also filed a lawsuit with Toyota Corporation. We were contacted by a representative from Toyota Corporation and were told they would inspect the vehicle. A few weeks later, we received a letter from the Toyota Corporation legal department informing us of their findings. The letter states that no defects were found and the incident was not recorded in the vehicle's computer. We informed the Toyota dealer about the results. The only help offered was a willingness to bid on the vehicle, which we vehemently refused. We are currently making arrangements to have the vehicle towed to a recycling center for destruction.

CategoryEngine, fuel/powertrain system, powertrainDataDecember 17, 2022ConditionFLDescription

I've only had the car for a year and a half and have already had to change the less than 2 year old battery, all 4 tires (2 at 40k miles and 2 at 48k) and now the engine wiring harness. Somehow it got cut and it needs to be replaced, which almost a repair is!

CategoryOccursDataDecember 16, 2022ConditionÖDescription

I have factory damage to my car. The part of the car body that goes around the tire and connects to the bumper does not fit properly because it doesn't have a connector on the underside of this part like the rest of this part. It often detaches and separates, which is very scary when I get out of my car and see that I've separated a piece of my body from the body. I get scared when I drive onto the freeway or bite into a bump in the road. Please help me with this problem. Sincerely, [xxx] Information redacted under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 & SC. 552(b)(6).

CategoryElectrical system, power trainDataDecember 11, 2022ConditionIlDescription

1. First issue I had with my 2020 Toyota Corolla Hatchback SE: Safety Recall 20ta07 (Reverse lights may not work) - 10/29 to start my car. I had to send a tow truck over and he managed to charge the battery (he knew how to do that with my car instead of towing it because I saw this type of problem with this type of car a lot). I took it to the local Toyota dealership and had it checked. They told me that they need to update the vehicle's software and that after that I shouldn't have this problem anymore. * el1934 firmware update (5/21/2021) * 3. The third problem I had was the temperature gauge. The needle tip in the dash didn't go up and was midway between c & h. It was approaching c (cold). It took longer than necessary to warm up the interior of the car when I turn on the heater in the morning. I took it to the local Toyota dealership and after investigating the problem they told me they needed to replace the thermostat unit. * MA001 thermostat assembly * (3. 19. 22) 4. The fourth problem is related to the gearbox. I felt sudden movements of the car when accelerating and when braking - stopping. **26312 car stutters when accelerating /transmission code found /needs new gearbox assembly after inspection and heatlh chfck code found p07457f and po7757f solenoid a b both stuck /residual memory /not changed /found needed new gearbox assembly /remove and replace gearbox assembly and perform reset and initialization /perform hydraulic and electrical test /no problem found /problem with transmission itself car jerks when accelerating** Transmission, automatic - swap* (10/12/2022) I found out online that the transmission problem is known for 2018-2020 Corolla hatchbacks, but Toyota didn't immediately replace it. There should be a general recall for the transmissions on these vehicles as soon as possible!

CategoryDirectionData29. November 2022ConditionGADescription

The steering makes a knocking noise. The car also swerves left or right while driving. I had the dealer do a front alignment. It still does the same. I took it to the dealer twice and they claimed it was no problem. I've never heard a knocking noise in any other car I've owned. I didn't have an accident, but there's something wrong with the steering of the car. Not sure if the steering column was broken or attempted to be stolen. There are scratches around the ignition switch that were there when I bought the car.

Categoryunknown or whateverData21. November 2022ConditionCADescription

Re: Toyota front bumper problem if the car comes with a front bumper that is not suitable for the road conditions when i bought the car new and tried to leave the dealership the front bumper came off a little the man stopped me and me said i asked the seller who put it back and told me "your design is simple you can put it back". I also showed him that there is no fixed lock, the two sides also missed two locks, the seller said that is so. About 200 miles this happened again, I put it back on. It kept happening. Eventually I felt that this wasn't right. I contacted Toyota for 2021 warranty service. Toyota sent me to a dealer. They didn't have a workshop, but a service department. He put it back to me and said "You have a scratch that did that". The sidewalk always has a curve, the small scratch is common. The bumper is not removed. I showed him two cars with worse scratches at the dealership, but the bumper isn't broken. This has now happened on my other side, I contacted Toyota again, they sent me back to the dealer, the service man said "Your scratch did it". I said I showed two garages and they both said "this type of car has this problem, it's not good for the project and for the road conditions". I gave him the workshop numbers, he didn't call and asked me to get a letter from them and said "we are service, we are not good for bodies". So I asked how can you tell the scratch was it if you are not the shop and not good at it? The car now only had 9500 miles on it. Bought 5 new Hondas, one was 2012, now they have similar scratches and the bumper is fine. The Honda now had 39,000 miles on it. The design of this car is not good for the road conditions and a small scratch will cause the front bumper to come off. Actually the rear bumper goes up and down too, I need to attach it too. All of this happened while driving locally. If it's on the street, it's not safe. And if Toyota places this information in advertising, then who will buy this type of car? Thanks,

CategoryStructure: bodyData11. November 2022ConditionTexasDescription

I've had my 2020 Toyota Corolla since April 2019. Around June 2022 I noticed a sloshing/whooshing noise. I didn't think much about it, but I kept going/listening. I finally got tired of listening to the noise and started looking for where the noise was coming from. Then I noticed that there was water in the rear doors. I didn't know what to do when I realized what was happening or how it was happening. My warranty period had just expired as I had owned the vehicle for over 3 years at that point. I searched further and found the attached article as a pdf. I managed to finish the work myself. At this point I am concerned that the interior will have rust as the water would stand there for days/weeks after it rained. I think this solves the problem of getting the water out of the doors, but I don't think it solves how the water gets into the vehicle. I am adamant that this car will rust internally and will pay for Toyota's poor manufacture as far as this vehicle is concerned and potentially a dangerous vehicle problem as rust will compromise the integrity of the vehicle.

CategoryElectrical system, latches/locks/connections:doors:latches, structureData19. October 2022ConditionVADescription

The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact stated that the vehicle made an unusual noise while driving at an unknown speed. There were no warning lights on. The contact reported that while parking and inspecting the vehicle, he noticed that the unusual noise was coming from the driver's side front door. The contact then moved each door of the vehicle from side to side and found that the fault was occurring on the passenger side door and the front and rear doors on the driver's side. The vehicle was taken to the dealership several times and the water was drained through the doors; However, the vehicle was not diagnosed. The manufacturer was informed of the failure and informed the contact person who would take over the repair of the vehicle. The contact said it had been two months and the vehicle had not been diagnosed or repaired. The contact indicated that he was concerned for his safety as he was a disabled veteran. The failure mileage was about 85,000.

Categoryservice brakesData19. October 2022ConditionNCDescription

The passenger side brake caliper was rusted and seized. At the time of writing this, the car is two years old and has 40,000 miles on it. The car has lived its entire life in West North Carolina and I was the sole owner. It has never been ridden in salty conditions except twice on land. The dealer has refused to fix this safety issue with the platinum warranty I bought because it is "environmentally friendly". This is a big security issue. I have a 1997 Suburban that is driven every winter in salty conditions and has never had a problem with rusting calipers or operating parts.

Categoryelectrical systemData26. September 2022ConditionPADescription

The battery and alternator died, causing the power steering to fail and the wheels to lock. It shouldn't happen with a car this new, I took it to the dealer and they charged me $0 to fix it.

CategoryElectrical system, structure: bodyData20. September 2022ConditionFLDescription

The doors fill with rainwater and the water splashes into the door frame. Doors need to be replaced due to electrical components damaged by moisture corrosion.

Categoryunknown or whateverData02.09.2022ConditionFLDescription

As I was driving I heard the sound of water in my car like a ripple, I checked the car and finally found the passenger door was holding water. If you move the door back and forth you can hear it. I've heard this before and the noise stopped, it's raining and the wave has returned.

CategoryBackflow Prevention: Warnings, Powertrain, Unknown or OtherData27. August 2022ConditionMODescription

I'm not sure what the component is but I'm driving and when I hit the gas my car loses power to go faster. If I stop at a stop sign or traffic light and continue driving, the car will stop and not continue as soon as I step on the gas pedal. I contacted the seller by phone and when I got the service I was told it was nothing. But I've been through this several times and even had an accident and nothing is done to solve the problem. I know this can't be normal for the vehicle and I'm tired of chasing it. I could see there was a recall but I don't see that it was related to my VIN. Can you please help me with this matter. I must not be in the middle of driving or at a traffic light and must not be able to accelerate my vehicle to a normal speed. I would like this matter to be investigated by another Toyota dealer. It also happens randomly and when I go to the dealer nothing is done and the problem is constantly ignored. I was told my car is fine because the check engine light is not on and it is not. I don't want to waste my life buying a faulty car and not being notified of any issues to ensure my safety.

Categoryservice brakesData11. August 2022ConditionTexasDescription

2020 Toyota Corolla EPB (Electronic Parking Brake). The message "epb shift interlock function enabled" has been appearing for a few months. This message has never appeared in the last 2.5 years since I bought the car, it just appeared. I took it to the dealer and they asked me to hold the brake while starting the car. Now I hold my brake and start the car and I still get this error message. I have documented this issue and it is available at https://www. youtube. with/see? V=btxosvpffmo, please help Toyota solve this problem. I'm not sure if something is not working as expected in the car or if something has started to fail in the car with epb and that's why the message is showing. The message looks like an informational message and it looks like a harmless message, but why is it appearing now, ie after 2.5 years of use and never before. It must therefore be examined whether there are longer-term effects.

CategoryAirbags, seat beltsDataJuly 31, 2022ConditionTexasDescription

The car aquaplaned and rolled over. He collided with a cement barrier in front, behind and on the driver's side. The car was a total loss. At no point did airbags deploy. The driver's safety was jeopardized when she hit her head on the driver's door. The car displayed the message "Faulty ABS System" as soon as the car stopped. In addition, the daughter's car seat came loose from the seat belt latch, causing the car seat to be thrown to one side. Locks didn't keep it safe.

CategorypowertrainDataJuly 03, 2022ConditionDMDescription

My vehicle has 20,000 miles and when accelerating the CVT would not upshift, it bounced off the rev limiter. I had no control over the paddle shifters or the electronic manual shifters. It tried to accelerate again and bounced off the rev limiter again. Shortly after the cel turned on and the vehicle went into limp mode, I lost control of the accelerator and the car dramatically slowed on its own to about 35 mph, yes. The gearbox is currently in the workshop awaiting unit replacement. This problem occurred during a driver training event and therefore not on public roads with other pedestrians. If this happened on a freeway during a junction or junction on a freeway it could have caused an accident because it had no control over the car's deceleration and no warning brake lights for drivers behind me could have caused other drivers in the back, yes . The issue was investigated by 2 dealers and both reported that the cvt was faulty and needed replacing. Cel popped up and displayed codes p2757 and p2820. The dealer pulled the following codes: p275600- torque converter clutch pressure control solenoid performance/stopped p281f00- pressure control solenoid performance j/stopped (2 trips detected) p281f71- pressure control solenoid performance j/actuator locked

CategoryMotorData28. June 2022ConditionIlDescription

Code p2688115 engine service requires signal at approximately 41,000 miles. Other people have similar problems with the coolant bypass valve. Suspect the safety standards of the refrigerant bypass valve are faulty.

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CategoryDirectionData06. June 2022ConditionNCDescription

The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact stated that while the vehicle was in operation, the steering temporarily failed, causing the vehicle to swerve into the oncoming lane. The contact indicated that the vehicle began to drift into the left lane while traveling at approximately 35 km/h and did not respond when the steering wheel was turned to the right. The contact immediately pressed the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. The contact reported that the vehicle was driving normally shortly after. The vehicle was later towed to the local dealer who identified steering fault codes but indicated the fault was caused by a low battery. The manufacturer was informed of the error, but no support was offered. The kilometers lost were 30,000.

CategoryFuel/Propulsion system, unknown or otherData05. June 2022ConditionÖDescription

2020 Toyota Hybrid Corolla le my name: [xxx]-[xxx]-wife-[xxx] (witness), [xxx]-I give nhtsa permission to review my car records regarding the camelback stop accelerator pedal problem Toyota Phoenix to review az e go, accelerator pedal operation and drive accelerator pedal operation problem, no forward drive stuck on busy intersection. Intermittent problem like Russian roulette, you never know when the accelerator pedal problem will occur, endangering the driver, passengers and others who expect normal propulsion. The dealer said to bring the car back if this happens again, the dealer suggested making a video of the sporadic problem, quite difficult when the car is not in active traffic, the dealer couldn't find any problem so he tried not even fix him what failed to diagnose. Happened twice, different dates, dealer camelback toyota 1515 and camelback toyota phoenix-az, checked the gas pedal problem and said go back if it happens again, problem with that mindset/solution, i can get hurt or killed. Information redacted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 & SC. 552(b)(6).

Categoryunknown or whateverData1. June 2022ConditionMADescription

The vehicle stopped after the car started for 2 minutes; I don't think there were any warning signs beforehand. I had stopped at a traffic light and almost as soon as I was able to continue, it stopped as I turned right. I was able to start it immediately after shutting it down completely. This is the second time this vehicle has broken down, the first being in August 2020 after only 600 miles (it was new when purchased in March 2020) and at a slightly higher speed (10mph). Both times it spent several days at the Toyota dealership where it was purchased - eight days this last time - and the mechanics were never able to replicate the problem. I expected them to inspect the fuel pump, knowing that millions of 2019 and 2020 Corollas had been recalled because of this issue, but I was told that this would be a very time consuming job and that there were no signs of problems with the fuel pump fuel pump gave. In other words, Toyota did not approve this inspection. So I have to return the vehicle with the mystery unsolved and the risk of another breakdown in the future. I'm glad I didn't hit the back last time because the traffic was so heavy.

CategoryVehicle speed control: cruise controlData22. May 2022ConditionARDescription

When using cruise control, all warning lights come on while driving - check engine, parking, ABS, everything. It stays that way for about a week and then stops until the next time you use cruise control. I took it to the dealer and they acted like it wasn't a problem and turned off the light but it still happens.

CategoryElectric, MotorData27. April 2022ConditionCADescription

The newly purchased vehicle does not start when the key is turned in the ignition. The problem is a recurring problem and the vehicle has been towed to the dealer (Gosch Toyota) on numerous occasions. The dealer said there was nothing wrong with the car. The dealer admits they can't reproduce the problem and the documentation I've received from them suggests they may not have even tried. The car has major safety issues and is unreliable, an explanation Gosch falls on deaf ears. So it stays parked in my driveway. I refuse to do this to anyone in my family for obvious safety reasons. The car isn't totally reliable if you can't trust it.

CategoryStructure: bodyData18. April 2022ConditionVADescription

Since March 2022 I have noticed a splashing noise from the driver's door and both rear doors. The noise continues, especially when I break up and when I open the doors. The vehicle had no accidents. I specifically made an appointment for April 11th but the Toyota dealership in Woodbridge VA completely ignored my request and did an oil change which was not necessary as it had been done the month before. When I complained they said it would cost 0 to do a diagnostic test first. Looking at t-sb-0121-20 this is the same problem I have.

CategoryElectrical System Structure: Solid, unknown or othersDataMarch 21, 2022ConditionFLDescription

The rear passenger door on the left side of the vehicle fills with water whenever it rains or the vehicle is washed. This causes the bodywork to rust prematurely and spatter the electrical components in the door, which I believe can lead to unpredictable and unpredictable failures. Also starting to cause an odor in the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to the dealership where it was purchased and they simply pulled a rubber plug from the bottom of the door and explained that this was the only remedy Toyota approved and supplied. Since the said remedy was applied the door has jammed on three other occasions and has only been returned to the dealer on one of the following incidents when the service staff again said that pulling the rubber plug from the bottom of the door was the only means of repair. That was also the day this was written and reported. Water on the door was first heard about four to four months after purchase, but it is believed to be fuel in the fuel tank that is spreading. About 10 months after purchase it was found that there was water in the tailgate.

Categoryunknown or whateverDataMarch 18, 2022ConditionSCDescription

Unknown While driving, my car turns off and a power steering message appears, but when it's repaired at the dealer they show no problem with the power steering. Turns off suddenly without warning. One time I was standing in traffic at a traffic light, another time I was waiting for a car to pass to enter a busy freeway.

CategoryOccursData10 January 2022ConditionNew JerseyDescription

The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact's wife said while driving at about 65 mph, the passenger's rear tire exploded without warning, causing the contact to lose control of the vehicle and against a perimeter barrier crashed. The contact's wife suffered bruises on her chest but did not seek medical attention. The vehicle was towed to the parking lot and a police report was made. The contact stated that the tmps warning lights were on. The vehicle was not taken to a local dealership for inspection. The manufacturer has been informed of the error and is awaiting a response. The error mileage was around 6,000.

Categoryunknown or whateverDataDecember 27, 2021ConditionCADescription


CategoryAirbags, service brakes, frame: bodyDataDecember 21, 2021ConditionTexasDescription

As I was driving my car it would turn off and have a hard time making turns and all my lights were hard to steer and all the dashboard lights would come on and not turn off and I got in. able to turn and hit a bush and my car was complete

Categoryfuel system, petrolData09. November 2021ConditionFLDescription

The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact stated that the vehicle accidentally stopped when attempting to pull out of a standstill. The contact said the check engine warning light was on. The vehicle was not taken to a local dealer. Upon investigation, the contact matched the fault to the nhtsa campaign number: 20v682000 (fuel system, petrol) but did not include the VIN. The manufacturer has been informed of the error and confirmed that the VIN was not included in the recall. The error mileage was about 48,800.

CategoryDirectionData19. August 2021ConditionMIDescription

Contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. Contact stated that the steering wheel was difficult to turn when driving at 60 mph. The contact said the check engine warning light was on. The vehicle was towed to a local dealership where it was determined that a steering axle needed replacing but the vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was informed of the error, but did not provide any assistance. The failure mileage was about 12,000.

CategoryEngine, Fuel/Propulsion SystemData11. August 2021ConditionCADescription

We rented a 2020 Toyota Corolla from Hertz at Las Vegas Mccarran Airport NV and almost passed out while driving due to carbon monoxide poisoning. My wife was ill 3 days out of 4 while this car was being driven in our possession. At first our illness was thought to be an illness or maybe something we had eaten. It was only when we were driving this car out of town that both my wife and I got really sick, weak, dizzy and threw up. We attempted to drive to the floating dam but stopped about 10 miles away. After a short break we decided to head back to Las Vegas. On the outskirts of Las Vegas, I could hardly breathe and had the same symptoms as previously mentioned. Luckily I managed to get out of the traffic and stopped at the first place I could get on. I think if I hadn't done it I would have passed out and caused an accident. The roadside service stated that this is normal for Toyota. My concern is how many of these cars are leased and how many people might have been involved in accidents and the driver is at fault? Please google 2020 Toyota Corolla carbon monoxide poisoning for morning workout. Please do not hesitate to call me at [xxx] for more details. Information redacted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 & SC. 552(b)(6)

CategoryFuel/Propulsion SystemData07.08.2021ConditionFLDescription

At low speeds and stopping and driving, the car suddenly stops. The car was taken to a Toyota Service Center and they were unable to find a fault code or replicate the problem. This happened twice in one week.

CategoryOccursDataJuly 24, 2021ConditionTexasDescription

My son was driving on the freeway when a tire came off the wheel. He lost control and was hit by a truck on the passenger side. The car has only 8,000 miles.

CategorypowertrainDataJuly 02, 2021ConditionWADescription

Gear judder at constant speed more pronounced on inclines. Jumping or skidding violently when accelerating

Categoryunknown or whateverData24. June 2021ConditionFLDescription

My car was sold with the odometer reversed (a fraudulent odometer). I bought it with 6074 miles and when I went to Toyota for service they told me over 88,000 miles.

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CategoryAirbagsData17. June 2021ConditionNVDescription

The contact rented a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact stated that another vehicle was traveling at over 100 km/h at a speed of 100 km/h, collided with the driver's side rear bumper and crashed into the driver's side tailgate climbed. The vehicle then crashed into the driver's side front door, knocking off the driver's side rear-view mirror and driving on. The contact's vehicle skidded on impact and the contact's head hit the roof of the vehicle and then hit the driver's door window. The hip on the right side of the contact hit the center console. No airbag deployed. An incident report has been registered. The contact received no medical attention at the scene but was later hospitalized with hip injuries. The vehicle was not towed and the contact was able to drive the vehicle after the collision. The manufacturer was informed of the error and a complaint was opened. The manufacturer wanted to inspect the vehicle, but the lessor had already repaired the vehicle. The error mileage was 16,535.

CategorySeat belts: frontData15. June 2021ConditionCADescription

The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact stated that the buckle mechanism on the driver's side front seat belt was faulty and would not engage as intended. The cause of the failure has yet to be determined. The local dealer and manufacturer were not notified of the outage. The approximate number of kilometers lost was 20,000. The Vin was not available.

CategoryForward Collision Protection: Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning: Assist, SteeringData10. April 2021ConditionCADescription

Parked vehicles, pedestrians and even cars in the oncoming lane are occasionally abandoned by the power steering. It happens irregularly and is unpredictable. When the car is perfectly centered with cruise assist activated, start lowering the protection. Then you least expect your car to forcefully turn the steering wheel towards an unsuspecting cyclist.

CategorypowertrainDataMarch 19, 2021ConditionNCDescription

The vehicle jerks and stalls while driving between 4 and 20 mph cold or hot with the A/C on or off. This occurs before braking and appears to lurch forward. Occurs more frequently in parking lots. This problem is accompanied by aggressive engine shaking, and all passengers can feel the idle. This problem is progressive and has been getting worse over time over the past few months. I took the vehicle to the dealer, the spark plugs were the problem the technician assumed. The first diagnosis was spark knock. Swapping spark plugs didn't solve the problem. The second diagnosis was "Steering wheel off-center, causing stability control to override driver's throttle inputs, resulting in erratic operation". The case is ongoing and no solution has been provided or resolved. Toyota Corp. You open an investigation/case.

CategoryTires rimDataFebruary 12, 2021ConditionCADescription

My daughter was driving the car on the freeway and the 2 rear tires blew out, the car only has 18,000 miles on it and I ask Toyota if the tires are under warranty and they said no so my daughter had to buy 3 new tires which she spent 1200 on A sensor was also damaged, her car got out of control, she was lucky that she didn't hit another car. What can I do about it, please help me, my phone number is +[xxx] Information according to the Freedom of Information Act (foia), 5 u. SC. 552(b)(6). *tr

Categoryunknown or whateverDataFebruary 11, 2021ConditionTexasDescription

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CategoryFuel/Propulsion SystemData24 January 2021ConditionSCDescription

From Monday afternoon (01/18/2021) my car went out every day. Stands now. Thursday (01/21/2021) I almost had an accident because my car wouldn't move no matter how hard I pressed the gas pedal. I took my car to the dealer I rented it from (01/21/2021) and they didn't find the problem. I saw on the Toyota website that my car had expired the fuel pump recall, although nothing showed up when I went into my VIN. Can you help me? I have to work and I need my car for that.

CategoryVisibility/CleanerData02 January 2021ConditionNVDescription

The windshield washer fluid splashes the car onto the cars/road behind the car. Washing water splashes onto the car even when the sunroof is open. The Toyota dealer reports that it "works as intended" and did not fix the problem. This is of concern as it can distract the driver behind me when I try to clean the windshield and they could hit my vehicle and possibly cause a multi-car accident.

CategoryAirbags, service brakes, unknown or otherDataDecember 15, 2020ConditionCADescription

Had a frontal collision, airbags did not deploy, no brakes or signs of brake failure. Once the vehicle was in the workshop right after the battery exploded. Now the care is full for all front end damage and the putty cost would be tens of thousands of dollars. I was driving behind the vehicle in front on Interstate 15 in Riverside, California.

Categoryunknown or whateverData14. November 2020ConditionMADescription

With only about 630 miles on my new 2020 Toyota Corolla, the vehicle stopped right after I made a turn in city traffic; I think I stopped at a traffic light and it wouldn't come back on when I put my foot on the accelerator. I had to tow the car to the dealership where I bought it five months ago; They did a thorough inspection, recognized the stall fact, but never found the cause of it (couldn't "duplicate" the problem). They had no problem starting the car when he was at their service. This was a one off incident and I haven't had any problems since; Now I'm over 1400 miles away. But it bothers me that the cause of the problem was never discovered — especially now that I know there's a 2020 Corolla recall due to faulty fuel pumps. (The fuel pump was the only thing never examined at the time of the stop; the technician felt this was unnecessary.)

CategoryAirbags Structure: BodyData24. October 2020ConditionGADescription

I was hit from the rear by a speeder causing significant damage to my vehicle. No airbag deployed. When I bought this car, I was advised that Toyota Connect recognizes accidents and the emergency call system calls the car. Unfortunately, not only did the airbags not deploy, but the emergency call system did not call the vehicle when I was warned. My vehicle has defects and the manufacturer is liable. I bought this vehicle new because I thought it would be safe for me to drive. The manufacturer let me down very much and did not comply with vehicle safety.

Categoryservice brakesData20. October 2020ConditionFLDescription

It has two problems, one when braking about 45 hours an hour, it slips and the brakes jump, the second problem is bad when the automatic brake is activated and when the car in front of you brakes, it stops without a problem, sits down but then moving again and moving when you try to stop it won't let you.

CategoryElectrics, electronic stability control, engineData10. October 2020ConditionIlDescription

I've been waiting at a traffic light with my foot on the brake, waiting for it to turn green. I turned the steering wheel to make a left turn and hit the gas pedal and the car shut down, all the buzzers, whistles and lights on the dash flashing. in the middle of traffic on a busy street and was about to call a tow truck when I decided to park the car. When I turned it back on everything was fine and I was able to turn left. This has happened to me twice on different occasions. The third time I pulled into a driveway, a truck pulled up in front of me and I had to hit the brakes. And then I hit the gas and turned left and then right into the driveway and it died. The dashboard said Park, when I went into Park it said the engine power is low. The first time I took it to Toyota, I sat there for six hours and they couldn't find anything wrong. They told me they work with companies and nobody had an answer for me. After the third time I called the company and was dealt with by a woman who was very professional and tried to be helpful and told me to go back to the dealer. I left it for two days and they found nothing wrong. As a result, if it happens again, I have to tow it back to the Toyota dealership and not start it. I am very concerned about driving and being hit by someone if my car stops in traffic. I've had a Toyota before and it was fine but I have to tell you if I ever pass this one which is a lease I will never buy one again

CategoryExternal lightingData27.09.2020ConditionMIDescription

Normal headlights do not illuminate the road. They light up half the street. The road in front of the driver is completely dark. The only way to overtake a car length ahead of the car is to turn on the high beams. Even then, you're limited as to how much light the headlights put on the road. I am blinded by the oncoming cars. I can't see deer jumping to the side of the road. I can't read address signs, which are inherently reflective and are on the front of the car on the road, unless I drive directly over them and turn on my high beams.

Categoryunknown or whateverData25.09.2020ConditionALDescription

Every time it rains, the doors are filled with rainwater.

Categoryservice brakesData17.09.2020ConditionTexasDescription

Under slow braking at speeds like 1-2 mph, the pedal will vibrate with a spring effect. The problem is the brake pedal spring, which Toyota cannot repair. Shown to dealer and dealer's service manager said he couldn't reproduce the problem and sent me away. The second time I filed a complaint and let Toyota Tech take a look, the dealer director updated me and said that Toyota Tech could feel the spring vibration and they have no solution for it now and that sprint vibration is present in all the new 2020 toyota corolla models . Let Toyota issue a solution to this problem and fix it.

Categoryunknown or whateverData10.09.2020ConditionHEYDescription

I purchased a 2020 Toyota Corolla from Servco Hawaii in February 2020. 4 months later the car stuttered, 5 months later the call stopped, in heavy traffic, on a road, on a straight. I almost got run over. Car with less than 5000 km. Servco Hawaii could not duplicate the stop and asked me to bring the car back and monitor it. I declined because it could endanger myself and others.

CategoryExternal lightingData25. August 2020ConditionNew JerseyDescription

There is a defect in this vehicle's left headlight which causes the low beam to be blocked in a specific pattern for a distance of 60 feet from the front of the vehicle, suggesting this is the result of an aberration in the lens assembly. The defect is more pronounced on unlit roads as it severely impairs the operator's ability to see left lane markers and traffic signs. The light fades in a "v" pattern approximately 130 degrees from the initial light source to a distance of 60 feet. Note that the right headlight is not dimmed, and the left field of view to the left of the unlit part is well lit. Gateway Toyota (the selling dealer) and according to their Service Manager, Toyota USA describes this as a normal characteristic of this vehicle and all vehicles with projector style headlamps under the “svmss” guidelines. As a former Vehicle Defects Inspector, Automotive and Heavy Equipment Causes and Losses Investigator, New Jersey State Safety and Emissions Inspector, Master Certified Collision Repair Technician, ASE Certified Automotive Repair Technician, Mercedes-Benz Certified Collision, Parts and Service Director and As a Tesla Certified Collision Assessor who has overseen the successful repair of thousands of frontal collisions that have required headlamp realignment and programming as needed, I certify that this is a unique safety defect of this vehicle, preventing its safe operation without assistance from Toyota USA still hampered in finding a solution .

(Video) Toyota Corolla Hatchback Lemon Law Buyback Process

Categoryservice brakesData22. August 2020ConditionTNDescription

I was driving down a hill and approaching a stop sign when my brakes failed and stopped working, the road was wet and it was raining lightly. I hit the brake 5 times and nothing happened to stop the car so my car just kept going into a ditch and I almost fell off a hill and into more trees.

CategoryUnknown or Other, Vehicle Speed ​​Control, Visor/WiperData19. August 2020ConditionÖDescription

The dealer said there was a chemical buildup on the inside of the windshield that could affect the security camera's sensor (they claimed it was probably Windex). The retailer claimed that the camera body was not sealed and particles could enter the body. Said the problem is not covered under warranty. What happens if someone smokes or lives on a dirt road? Does Toyota expect particles to be acceptable in that case? This can affect the performance of security systems, especially if it is glared by the sun. I bought the car in October 2019.

Categoryunknown or whateverDataJuly 08, 2020ConditionÖDescription

A steering column light prevents you from seeing the instrument panel during the day. Dangerous because you can't see your speed or vehicle information screens. The car is affected at any time of the day.

CategoryElectrical system, power trainDataJuly 01, 2020ConditionFLDescription

Tl* contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. Contact said the vehicle stopped at 50 km/h without warning. The vehicle was taken to the Fort Walton Beach Toyota at 777 Beal Pkwy NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 to be diagnosed, but the mechanic was unable to determine the cause of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not informed of the error. The error mileage was 3589.*jb

CategorypowertrainDataJuly 01, 2020ConditionMADescription

Problem when switching from 3 to 2

CategoryAirbagsData30. June 2020ConditionFLDescription

Tl*contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. Contact stated that while driving, the airbag warning lights and several other unknown warning lights came on. The contact indicated that they could not determine which other warning lights were on. The vehicle was taken to Kendall Toyota (10943 s Dixie Hwy, Pinecrest, FL 33156) but was not diagnosed or repaired. The vehicle stayed with the dealer. The manufacturer was not informed of the error. Lost kilometers were about 30.

CategoryEngine and engine cooling: exhaust systemData12. June 2020ConditionVADescription

Tl* The contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. The contact was concerned that the vehicle was manufactured without a thermal shield. The contact was advised by an independent mechanic that the exhaust could get hot enough to set the vehicle on fire. The vehicle was brought to the Toyota account page at 2923 Annandale rd, Falls Church, VA 22042 and it was confirmed that the vehicle was no longer manufactured with thermal protection. The contact person was informed that a spare part could be procured and installed. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact expressed concern that other vehicle manufacturers were making their vehicles with heat shields. The manufacturer was informed of the error and a case was opened. Approximate kilometers lost were 1500.

CategoryVisibility, Visibility/CleanerData03. June 2020ConditionFLDescription

I was driving on the freeway and the driver's window exploded. Yes, it exploded into a million pieces on me and hit my face. Nothing hit my windshield. None of my windows were open. I thought I was going to get shot, the sound of blowing was driving me insane! I took my car to Toyota and said there was nothing they could do!! My warranty doesn't cover that! It costs $700 to fix. I know it wasn't my fault and nothing hit my window it wouldn't have exploded if it did. *tr

CategoryPowertrain, unknown or otherData25. May 2020ConditionCADescription

This is the third time I've tried to park my car after bringing the car to a complete stop (I braked while the car was steering) then I moved my stick stick to reverse and the stick stick is fully reverse but the car moves forward. *bf*jb

CategoryVisibility/CleanerData02. May 2020ConditionÖDescription

Model 2020/4 months: A windshield stress fracture has suddenly occurred for no apparent reason. Upon inspection, the fracture began at the underhood mounting location, with no other obvious signs of damage or impact. The break begins at the edge of the window and goes up to eye level, then through the windshield.

CategorySeat belts, service brakesData20. April 2020ConditionCADescription

I start to hear a noise from my brakes. I asked a mechanic and he said it was too early for my new car to have brake problems. He said he had never heard such a strange noise, especially on a new car

Categoryunknown or whateverDataMarch 13, 2020ConditionNHDescription

When driving or driving over speed bumps, it feels as if there is a stone stuck somewhere under the vehicle

CategoryVisibility/CleanerDataMarch 10, 2020ConditionGADescription

Tl*contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. Driving at 60 mph, the windshield broke without warning or impact. The windshield also shattered when the vehicle was parked. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic where the contact was informed that the windscreen needed to be replaced. The contact called Nalley and informed Nalley Toyota Union City 4115 Jonesboro Rd, Union City, GA 30291 (770) 284-8361) of the outage. The vehicle has not been diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was contacted but no help was provided. The error mileage was 20. The VIN was not available.

CategoryAirbagsDataFebruary 17, 2020ConditionVADescription

When I drove to work. Another car hit my car from the side. I was buckled up, but the airbags didn't work. One day after the accident, my body hurt mainly in the shoulder and back. I went to a chiropractor to have it checked out, then they said I needed treatment for at least a few months.

CategoryElectric, MotorDataFebruary 13, 2020ConditionPADescription

Tl* the contact provided was a Hertz Rental Cars employee. The contact stated that a 2020 Toyota Corolla caught fire. The fire was noticed 3-4 hours after the vehicle was parked and pulled out of a lot. The fire brigade was triggered and extinguished the vehicle. A fire department report was filed with File No. 111520199429275. The contact stated that after the renter of the vehicle drove the vehicle out of a parking lot after it had been parked for 3-4 hours, flames emanated from the driver's side of the vehicle. The vehicle's renter got out and noticed flames erupting from under the driver's side. The fire department was called and put out the flames. A fire department report was filed. The contact reported that the vehicle was considered a total loss. The contact did not know if the cause of the fault was diagnosed by a dealer. The manufacturer was not informed of the error. The error mileage was 8,190.

Categoryvehicle speed controlDataFebruary 07, 2020ConditionMEINDescription

I keep having issues where Radar Cruise and Lane Assist turn off randomly with a message saying Radar Cruise is unavailable. This has been happening since new and has been seen 4 times by Toyota with no repairs

Categoryunknown or whateverDataFebruary 05, 2020ConditionCADescription

On a sunny day around noon, I tried to park my car in an empty parking lot. The car was in forward drive mode. I came to a complete stop to park the car; I had quite a lot to catch up on. After coming to a full stop (to protect my transmission) I put the shifter in reverse and the steering lever told me I was in reverse but the car started moving forward instead of going backwards. Luckily the parking lot was empty and no one was hurt, otherwise someone in front of the car would have been badly hurt. However, when I moved the stick from drive to park and then back to reverse, it didn't. I started searching the internet to see if anyone had the same problem. I found out other people had the same problem and to fix the problem they had to update their car computer software otherwise the car may start moving forward when going straight to reverse after the point from driving. Without a software update, this problem can only occur on certain vehicle batches. So make sure you test drive your car and if you have the same problem, don't drive the car and take it back to the dealer for a software update. *bf Consumer reported returning multiple times.*jb

CategoryExterior lighting, visibility/wipingData28 January 2020ConditionTNDescription

The driver's side headlight has a V-shaped "void" in its pattern, making the car unsafe at night. The passenger side does not have the same pattern, so the left turn gap is very noticeable and makes it very difficult (not possible) to see in the distance. It turns out that this falls within my "straight ahead" range and thus makes driving the car unsafe at night. That "void" isn't there when the headlights are turned "up", so I have a feeling it's an LED bulb issue more than anything... same pattern. They stopped another car in front of the store and parked it against a wall along with mine. While I agree that the patterns on the wall looked similar, this wasn't a good test because you need to see what pattern of light is cast at night. See attached picture. If all recent Corolla models have this light pattern then those vehicles will need to be recalled and repaired along with mine.

(Video) Toyota Corolla Lemon Law

CategoryMotorData25 January 2020ConditionFLDescription

On more than one occasion I've been driving between 5 and 10 mph and the car has stalled and felt like it was shutting down. I told the dealer when I brought the car in for regular service and they told me the computer couldn't find a fault and they couldn't replicate the problem while driving. Also, the car makes a metallic noise when accelerating. Again, the dealer denied the problem. These problems occurred several times

Categoryelectrical systemData17 January 2020ConditionNew YorkDescription

The battery compartment (part number 74404-12560) that contains the vehicle battery creates an unsafe condition. I noticed that the battery compartment was only designed for the Panasonic battery that came with the vehicle. Therefore, it is impossible to replace an empty or defective Panasonic battery with a standard retail BCI group battery. This situation leaves drivers stranded and is particularly unsafe when the Panasonic battery fails and needs to be replaced in the winter. Toyota should be asked to recall the 2020 Corolla and replace the battery tray with a new tray designed to accept a standard bci group battery. *ln*jb

CategoryFuel/Propulsion SystemData16 January 2020ConditionCADescription

Tank filler neck partly made of plastic. Does not seal with the fuel pump nozzle. Both hands must be used to pump gasoline. One hand holds the handle while the other hand holds the mouthpiece and applies pressure to create a seal to pump the gas. Something lucky could get the handle to auto-fill, but the seal was too loose and it would pop out at the slightest vibration and the handle would fall off the filler neck, spilling lots of gas on the ground. Pass at 3 different gas stations. Once the gas spilled on the ground, it went with a healthy brand nozzle.

CategoryDirectionData06 January 2020ConditionFLDescription

Tl*contact owns a 2020 Toyota Corolla. While driving and cornering, Contact heard a noise coming from the driving area. The vehicle was taken to Peterson Toyota of Sarasota (7435 s Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34231, (941) 924-7700) who diagnosed that the cable assembly and stem assembly, bolts, steering lock were defective and needed to be replaced . replaced. The vehicle has been repaired. After leaving the dealership, the steering wheel pulled to the left while driving. Vehicle was returned to dealer who determined the noise was coming from the serial cable - check. The vehicle has been repaired; However, the error recurred and the steering wheel was pulled to the right. The vehicle stayed with the dealer. The technician called the contact and said the steering alignment was complete. The manufacturer was not informed of the defects. The failure mileage was around 10,000.

CategoryStructure: bodyDataDecember 25, 2019ConditionNew JerseyDescription

On the first day of purchase while pulling out of the garage the left fender popped out. I took it to the dealer, they pushed the fender back. The next day the fender slammed again and I took the car back to the dealer as it was unsafe to drive. The dealer took the car back but kept my 72.84. This car is poorly built, unsafe junk.

CategoryEngine, drive train, service brakesDataDecember 12, 2019ConditionÖDescription

Will slowed the car down and it wasn't going over 20 miles an hour. Brake, engine, etc. Lights on. The car only has 1345 miles on it. It has happened twice so far. Second time at the dealer.

CategoryMotorDataDecember 02, 2019ConditionNew JerseyDescription

Abnormal engine downshifts during normal driving. I feel that shifting is not smooth, it even feels like a malfunction in the engine shifting system happens 17,000 miles, mostly it happens regularly on city roads and a little less happens on the highway, but it happens. The changes are hard to ignore, I remember at the same time I felt this at 10,000 miles and it happened occasionally and now it happens even more times than I can tell, this is a persistent failure and is becoming one bigger problem.

CategorypowertrainData29. October 2019ConditionOHDescription

Between 10 and 20 mph occasionally, not always, there's a sharp shift that doesn't feel normal. It is usually under acceleration and light conditions. Even trying to emulate it under the exact same conditions sometimes just won't. Sometimes it will be a loud bang. In other cases, it will appear prematurely. (shifts earlier than it should) I'd like to think it's the transition from start gear to CVT, but the timing of the transition and the degree of the jerk varies significantly even under the same conditions.

CategoryPowertrain, unknown or otherData23. October 2019ConditionVADescription

The vehicle has a very difficult shifting out of "first gear" when the fuel is low or the engine is cold. dealer (Sheehy Toyota in Fredericksburg VA) and can experience the same feel under light to moderate acceleration. I informed the dealer that the feeling they felt is minor compared to what one normally feels while driving. They experienced the same thing driving another 2020 Corolla out of the parking lot with light to moderate acceleration. Then a day later they allegedly drove another 20202 Corolla for another 30 minutes and couldn't repeat the difficult shift and found that the shift feel was different from time to time when driving the customer's car and a new car, so they did nothing. They also said they contacted Toyota engineers, who said this harsh shift feel was normal. Looks like Toyota is back, just denying everything and hoping the problem goes away. Very dissatisfied with my experience, especially with how Toyota has handled it so far. I'm not leaving until they solve this problem.

CategoryFuel/powertrain system, powertrain, unknown or otherData20. October 2019ConditionFLDescription

2020 Toyota Corolla SE - (vehicle purchased new) (CVT Transmission) After minimal to normal acceleration, the vehicle feels like a bump during a hard shift at speed acceleration between 8 and 9 mph. It sometimes seems to be a more difficult shift when decelerating at minimum speed than during normal acceleration (road starting and stopping conditions). Upon reaching a speed of 36 mph, it regularly appears that the transmission begins to slip and resumes normal operation. While sedentary at the stop, the light vehicle experienced a loss of power, cycling on and off almost to a standstill. On another occasion, without the air conditioning on, a rude idol happened. sometimes when switched to sport mode, shifting is smooth without too many problems; Except on high-speed open roads, removing the accelerator pedal produces a screeching sound at high rpm, as if the transmission had failed and would not downshift even with brake pressure applied. It then shuts down after about 15-20 seconds. The lane departure indicators went out with no proper response to this action. The vehicle has been owned for less than ninety days and appears to be constantly defective.

CategoryBeltData10. October 2019ConditionOHDescription

The vehicle was traveling eastbound on US 20 in Wood County, Ohio when it was involved in a head-on collision with a westbound vehicle. The webbing securing the seat belt buckle to the vehicle failed and snapped, causing the seat belt to come loose and allowing the driver to be restrained. The driver was fatally injured in the collision. This is presented by the Ohio State Highway Patrol accident reconstruction.

Categoryservice brakesData08. October 2019ConditionCADescription

exit the highway. Turn left. He slowed down at a red traffic light. I noticed that the car wouldn't stop. Brake pedal hit the floor. The car continued to move and collided with another car. Police report done. Location of the accident at 3520 Massachusetts Ave, Lemon Grove, CA 91945. This is a new car and there is no reason why the brakes should not work.

CategoryVisibility/CleanerData02. October 2019ConditionFLDescription

Wavy windshield. Disorientation when moving. All vehicles have it according to the dealer. I have a check and everyone does not. They said it was known but it wasn't a defect. I believe it's poor lamination and coupled with poor visibility it may not protect in a crash. I don't think it's "normal".

CategorypowertrainData31. August 2019ConditionTexasDescription

7/9/19 - Three days after receiving a brand new 2020 Corolla sedan, my car stalled in the middle of a busy city street. I was stopped with my foot on the brake waiting to turn left. When I took my foot off the brake and tried to accelerate, there was a complete blackout. The red warning light came on, indicating that engine power was low. I couldn't start the car for minutes. I almost got hit by cars driving around me. I took it to the dealer for service and there were no error codes and they couldn't reproduce the problem. 8/6/19 - My brother was driving on a stop and go freeway during rush hour. With my foot on the accelerator, the entire vehicle jerked or jumped several times in a row, stopped, and did the same thing twice more. It looked like it was losing power or not getting enough gas. I took it to the same dealer for service. Again no error codes and they couldn't duplicate the problem. The service master told me that these two incidents were definitely related. I have reported both of these very dangerous incidents to Toyota Customer Service as I feel I am driving an unsafe vehicle. Initially, they were receptive and even sent a representative from the Toyota factory to inspect the car. Then my case manager told me that he couldn't find anything wrong and "couldn't verify my concerns". She said there was nothing more they could do and no repairs were needed. After researching further online, I found out that the 2019 Corolla hatchback was recalled in December 2018 to replace the CVT transmission due to a manufacturing defect that could result in a loss of propulsive power. The information I read said the exact same engine is in the 2020 Corolla sedan, but it wasn't included in a recall. I am very concerned about my safety, that of my passengers and other vehicles.

CategoryElectronic stability control, steering, wheelsData25. August 2019ConditionCADescription

I had an autosteer failure during an intersection in California after another driver failed to yield the right-of-way. and failure of road structures allowed an older passenger car to hit the Toyota's rear tire and driver's wheel at high speed without Corolla's 2020 hybrid evasive action, mitigation, or warning

CategoryElectronic Stability Control, Service Brakes, Unknown or OtherData13. August 2019ConditionPADescription

We bought the car on 7/29/19 and on 8/4/19 driving home from Maryland the sensor lights on the car started flickering after only 250 miles in the car. The blinking lights were for brakes and parking brake, lane departure warning, rear and front camera, engine check, tire pressure, headlight and RSA malfunction. Basically, the car's entire safety system failed while I was driving. This happened five times while driving. 7-29-19, 8-2, 5, 9-19 and the car was moving on a freeway every time. I've taken it to the dealer twice and they're still working on it. The first time they said the car needed to be reprogrammed and they couldn't duplicate the problem and the second time the service manager claimed it was a wire which I find hard to believe as there are multiple codes and I don't believe that they are all go through one wire. Our family doesn't feel comfortable driving the car with all these lights flashing, not knowing whether the car is safe to drive and whether the car's safety functions are working properly. I have videos and pictures of the codes flashing when needed. I couldn't upload them due to the size of the files.

CategoryStructure: bodyDataJuly 16, 2019ConditionNew JerseyDescription

The first day after I pulled the car out of the garage, the front of the car scraped the ground and the front fender detached from the car. This bumper is made of plastic and was attached to the car with plastic fasteners. It's a piece of garbage that flows. This is a safety issue because if that car hits a small bump on a highway, the fender would come off and hit the car behind you. This is a design flaw as in the 46 years that I have lived in the same house and have owned many cars including 2 Toyota Camry, VW Rabbit, Mustang, Porsche, Mercury Sable, 2 Cadillacs, 3 Buicks and I have had with none of these cars explore a problem terrain and miss a bumper. I returned the car to the dealer, Dayton Toyota, on 6/28/19 with a financial loss of $72.84. Banning this Corolla from the streets will save many lives. Please act immediately. [xxx] Information redacted according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 and SC. 552(b)(6). *pm *tr

CategoryAirbagsData30. June 2019ConditionPADescription

The airbags in the serious accident did not deploy and the car was totaled. In addition, the car must stop if something is in the way. And the side sensor didn't work a couple of times, something was approaching, the side alert never went off. after the accident, a light on the dashboard indicated a security fault.

(Video) Toyota Corolla iM Lemon Law Buyback Process


What problems do 2020 Toyota Corolla have? ›

The 2020 Toyota Corolla celebrates the lineup that has been in America for more than fifty years. Yet, the automaker claims after all of these years that this model is “greater than ever.” Sadly, most owners can't agree. It seems to have a defective structure, a malfunctioning powertrain and dangerous service brakes.

What is the major problem of Toyota Corolla? ›

Throughout the lifespan of the Toyota Corolla, one of the most commonly reported problems is excessive oil usage in the engine.

What is the average life of a Toyota Corolla? ›

Whether you have a Toyota Corolla lease or you own it, drivers who follow the recommended maintenance schedule can expect their new Toyota Corolla's life expectancy to reach up to 10 years or 300,000 miles – or more!

Are there problems with Toyota Corolla? ›

There are 5 complaints from 2022 Corolla owners whose airbags didn't deploy. Sadly, somebody was injured in every crash. Deficient exterior lighting, including headlights with poor visibility, was another complaint about the 2021 model that carries through to the 2022 Corolla. So are faulty brakes.

Are 2020 Toyota Corollas good cars? ›

Yes, the 2020 Corolla is a good used car. It's not the most exciting compact car , with uninspiring engines and a hit-or-miss transmission, but it comes in two body styles and gets good gas mileage. It also comes with lots of safety features and a user-friendly infotainment system.

Which years Toyota Corolla model is the most reliable? ›

Which years of the Toyota Corolla are the most reliable?
  • 2003 – 2008 Toyota Corolla – For the best value and reliability, these years received highly favorable Consumer Reports ratings.
  • 2009 – 2013 Toyota Corolla – You'll find improved powertrains and plenty of safety features in these years.
Nov 18, 2022


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